F6 clone questions


Powder Monkey
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2000-10-08 1:19 pm
Hey gang sorry if this has been posted before but I'm unable to find the info.
Two quick questions:
1. What is the total parts cost for an F6 build
2. Can everything be purchased in one place or do I need to source parts from "wherever"


1. That's a "how long is a piece of string" question, best asked in one of the many F6 threads, such as F6 Illustrated Build Guide
2. You will need to buy bits from wherever suits you. The store does not sell complete parts kits to FirstWatt clones - just hard to find bits and pieces to help you build one. In the case of the F6, there is a F6 parts kit with the Jensen transformers and matched MOSFETs, and also suitable matched JFETs are available (though currently out of stock, but available for back-order). All connecting parts, choosing a transformer and designing your power supply, etc is up to you.
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