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F5 transistor kit with 2SK170 / 2SJ74 and IRFP240 / IRFP9240 FETs


2009-02-26 8:34 pm
From a series of matching efforts over the last years I have a significant number of spare FETs that I am willing to let go to sponsor new projects.

All devices were obtained from reliable sources, have been carefully measured (curve traced), and I am confident in offering authentic parts.

As long as there are devices available, you will find a link in my signature that will take you to a spreadsheet containing all the relevant information (device specs, cost etc.).

The discount is over, but I have lowered the price the kits and rendered them better and more versatile as you can now choose the Jfet sets (NNPP-matched!) to included with your kit. You first choose the kit from the F5 transistor kit link in my signature. You then choose the 2SK170-BL/2SJ74-BL NNPP-set you want included with the kit from the 2SK170-BL/2SJ74-BL link in my signature.

The cost is 50 euro including postage by International Priority Mail. An additional 5 euro if by Registered Mail.

If you are interested in purchasing please drop me a PM letting me know the Kit ID and Jfet set ID#.

For general question, post in this thread.


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