F1/2/3 etc with Front Loaded hords and CD's


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
I did a search but almost everything came back being about BLH's. Has anyone used them in FLH's? If so, which one(s), what speakers and any other implementation details would be appreciated.

Also any comments on noise on very high efficiency systems would be nice.

I have some KHorns with a different MF/HF (probably 200 and 1k5 xovers @ LR24) section and would driver them from a digital source, through a DCX2496, 6 ch attenuator then the amps.
Initially thinking about an F1 for LF and a pair of F3 for Mf/HF. I have lots of Lovo's.

Room is small and quite solid, and I listen loud on occaision.

Comments? Thoughts? Experiences? Suggestions?
I guess it depends on the PSU implementation

My PSU is outboard and LCLC, and the regulator is RC filtered, but since I did not try a normal PSU I cannot confirm that this is really all necessary. I do remember though that someone on this forum did have noise problems with his ZEN V4, probably due to RF hash from the PSU. As always it depends on the implementation ...