ezpro power failure help

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Hi ctx ezpro 500 worked great then nothing lamp was changed no luck,, checked fuses all good when I was messing with turning it on and off I noiced some arch at switch 1 time I'm thinking maybe it's the switch and not power suppley all help is needed
thanks blackie:confused:
take the switch out of the circuit

Do you have a jumper lead (AKA test lead) with alligator clips on each end? Very handy for testing stuff, trial hookups, etc.

I would unplug the power cable. then use a jumper lead to connect the two switch contacts together (where the wires connect to the switch). Then plug the power cable back in.

If it works, then you need to replace your switch. If it pops a fuse (or one of your house fuses or breakers), then you have a problem in your power supply.

DO NOT poke around in there with the power cable plugged in!
no test lead

You could solder a wire across the switch terminals, or maybe wrap the bare ends of a piece of wire around the terminals. The test lead is just easier to use.

I would not recommend using one of your multimeter leads, because you would have to hold it while you have the power on. The idea is to make a good connection that will stay in place, while you get your hands out of there before plugging in the power cord.

If you have a short in the power supply, something may make a loud pop. You should not be holding a "live wire" when something like that happens. Too easy to slip and get shocked. :hot: => :dead:
4 wires

Hi getting ready to check my switch I went and got me a test lead
the switch has 4 wires blue, yellow, red, brown I'm sure it's the blue and yellow they are coming from the power plug
my family is scared it will mess up the breaker lol I told them all we had to do is flip it back on lol
two pole switch?

If your switch has four wires going to it, then it is more complex. It may be doing something like this:

power from line cord______/ ______ power to unit

neutral from line cord_____/ ______ neutral to unit

Or the second switch could even be some low voltage circuit within the power supply. Since you don't know how the switch is connected inside, you won't know if you get the test lead right.

Take it to an electronics tech for troubleshooting. If you just connect any pin to any other pin at random, you may pop a breaker or damage a low voltage circuit inside the device.
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