external pitch on a turntable


2013-05-16 10:54 am

I just bought a Vestax PDX 2000 mk2, and I would like to modify the pitch control.
Actually, I want to control the "ultra pitch" (+/- 50%) with an external device. So, there is 2 options:

1) desolder the actual fader and replace it with the same kind of potentiometer (100k if the actual one is a 100k)

2) directly plug the new device on the motor without desoldering anything

Option 2 would be the best one for me, so that I could switch between my device and the normal fader that is already in the turntable, with a simple on/off button.

The problem is I do not know how this turntable really works, and how the pitch could be controlled.

I just know this is a direct drive DC motor.

Does anyone knows a little bit more about pitch devices on turntables?

Thank you for helping