External Clock Signal - HOW?


2005-05-15 7:07 pm
Hi All!

I have a Marantz CD6000 K.I. Signature and I'd like to upgrade it... :)

I'd like to install an external clock, but I don't know which is the best one (the best price/value) to the CD6000 K.I.


ps: Anybody knows the line driver (maybe OPA) type of this CD-player?

Hi cartman

When you state external clock do you mean a digital
to analogue convertor (DAC). Transfer of Digital data
is I think quite a compromise itself but there are
nevertheless some excellent DACs out there.
For info about beyond SPDIF have a read of an article
I contributed to Electronics World in June of 1997

You could try Audio Synthesis of Nottingham England
and have a word with David Heaton of that firm.

Please note I am the Australian distributor for this
brand, however in passing this recommendation
I have no personal gain from offering that advice.
There are many other brands such as Theta and
Mark Levinson offering outstanding products.

Although some minor differences may arise from
changing components in your Marantz player , my
advice is to leave it as it is and achieve the desired
sound differences from an external DAC. Your model
of CD player is well designed and KI is no fool to
getting the best from a CD player. You might go
backwards rather than forwards in changing
components in your Marantz.

Cheers / Chris