Extending bulb life (600W Halogen)


2004-12-30 5:35 am
I have an apollo AI-1000 which I stripped down to use, which has a 600W DYS halogen. Puts out a good 17,000 lumens, albeit somewhat yellow (not noticeable for movies though.) Anyways does it make sense that if I added an extra fan or two dedicated to cooling the bulb it would last longer? The thing gives off ridiculous amounts of heat so wouldn't that extra cooling make it more stable or whatnot? (If this is idiotic just say so)

I've also read that by slowly dimming up the halogens it would also extend life.. Any truth in that?

And lastly the AI-1000 has two brightness settings, the brightest is a bit brighter, and a little whiter, but otherwise it isn't noticeable. So is it worth it keeping it on the dimmest setting, or wont that really help bulb life. Thanks for any info.