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First all I must tell that the voltages in the transformer and around it are lethal and must be done attention in all operations.

Yes, if It's possible to find a tranformer (toroidal I suppose) with:

- same power (or higher)

- same number of secondaries and same voltages output rated at 230 Vac input (to primary)

- compatible dimensions to the original.

The problem is having these informations.
I council you to contact Exsposure for the 230Vac replacement transformer, I suppose that It's possible to do it.
The direct inspection by tester is problematic because the italian Vac voltage is 230 not 110-120 Vac and connecting the amp to 230 Vac it's very dangerous (be carefull).
A solution can be is finding the schematics or connecting the amp to an AC adaptator from 230Vac to 110 Vac (be carefull to max power rated) and testing the secondaries , before all it's necessary to disconnect the secondaries from rectifier(s).
It's possible to use an sin generator (function generator) for tested but this a secondary way.
Many but not all, several transformers are made for one AC voltage supply only and they have one primary only.
I think if amp's transformer had two primaries then exsposure would have placed an AC selector inside amp.

However, I think this transformer probabily is a standard type and It's possible (but this it's not probabily) that on it there is a label with secondaries voltages and rated power.

For the forum's rules I must tell you that you can operate inside amp only if you are competent in electronics. Prudence always.
sorry but for this moment i can send this only


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You could use an external stepdown transformer.It isn`t that expensive.
It is 120VAC dual mono construction preamp.Theoreticly,you could put primaries of both transformers in series(instead of parallel) and get 115 VAC@each primary coil.Those transformers are the same and are under the same loads.
Good luck!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.