Explendid amplifier designed by Michael Bittner, our MikeB

MikeB, our forum friend, is 30 years old Computer Programer, owner of the Synetic Software.

As he is working very hard those days, having small time to sleep, he asked me to publish his amplifier, result of some monthes of research, where i could cooperate with my ears with the valuable help of Mr. John Mateus from Fredon - New Jersey - USA the one that constructed, evaluate and helped a lot including his enormous professional experience in audio reinforcing our evaluations.

His amplifier is called Symasym, that is Symetrical Assymetrical, a very good design, the one i use to listen, together with GEM, AKSA and JLH...i apreciate, very much, all of them, and cannot stay without those units..in my idea, the best i could find using BGTs.

Alike many others, that use 36 or 37V simetrical supply, it produces 50 watts RMS minimum over 8 ohms and go to 100 watts over 4 ohms, naturally.

Long research was made, many comparisons where made, that had Hugh Dean cooperation, also Graham Maynard cooperation and some others that are not in our diy audio forum.

Professional audio recordings were made and E-mailed in 10 to 20 Megabytes size, using Wave and MP3, with comparisons made using reference amplifiers, in this case, a very expensive Yamaha Home Theater, the JLH basic and first design, and one Harman and Kardon.
Audio was generated by sinthetizers and Graham Maynard sent a beautifull CD, the one you can perceive very deep low humble from pickup and turntable, we could see woofer moving 5 hertz.

Recordings was made using Professional Senheiser Microfone... 1 meter distanced from speaker.... sound recorded was a DAT recorder and them copied to the computer audio board, converted to MP3 and also mailed as Wave.

The amplifier is very good...try it.

Very good audio reproduction is guaranteed




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This is Michael's last design, for a while, the Evolution one

This one i did not tried too.

But i am sure all those work perfectly.

Of set is never more than 3 milivolts

Distortion is very low

Dinamic is a surprise

Bass is a punch in your stomach

Treble can the thin alike a razor blade cut!




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This is an image to check the others.

Picture was distorted, a little bit out or proportion, but it is showing revised copper lines.

More deep informations about the amplifier, must contact Mr.Bittner, as i have not enougth know how to answer those questions about tenth harmonics...and things alike.




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Thank you Workhorse, Kanwar, i am very happy with that good feeling you have related

..related my person.... a birthday gift to me, when someone could see, with "heart eyes", my dedication to my close friends, and my efforts to inform good amplifiers to beginners and young guys in special.

Also i think India is a wonderfull place, you also do not apreciate war, as we turn against everyone that make violence, do not matter the reason why.... beeing violent, for me, for us, for Brazilians, is something that we do not accept, as a rule.

Violence will never end, once it start, will be impossible to stop.

This is the "stupid side" of mankind.... figthing for coloured fabric, flags,frontiers, Nationality, oil, money, all foolishes.

Were peace, family, kids, fun, love are always showing us the correct and good way to spend our lives.... idiots doing oposite.

Well Kanwar;..... this amplifier is very good, and your units are very strong in appearance, will be happy to see more images of your products, prototypes and things alike.

Show them for us, or send me that i will show them for you...this is a pleasure to me, show the friends equipments...i love that...so, unfortunately in this live, nothing is completely for free...my payment is the pleasure i have to show things to our people, precious guys, those that make this place a meeting place....hehe....they are all here, this is wonderfull.


Yes Epupa, i am turning myself more and more flexible, to compensate

Body turning bad in flexibility, as agging effects are comming.

Today completing 54 years old.... i am from the Beatles and Rolling Stones times.

Half century ago...ahahahaha!.... terrible.

Epupa, in the reality, i miss those times and those amplifiers, electrolitic condenser coupled and those things, but i can perceive that are beated designs.

Beeign good to my years, i can accept everything.

My Class D amplifier use FETs.....zilions of transistors and small chips...and i like it too.

Do you understand...i prefer blondes...but having not too much over here, i can take the non blond ones too...no problem.

I think this amplifier is too much complicated, and have too much features to destroy the sound.....but i have to accept, that, somethimes, those features do not destruct the sound.

Everytime we change our mind, related everything, we are climbing one more step, of the long stair that will maintain us very distant from lame ignorance....this is good.

What about you Epupa.... keeping or changing your mind?

I am sure, already changed your mind related Big Fat Charlie Here.