excellent portable p.a.

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I need an excellent one-piece p.a., or close to it. I sing solo in a ministry, and use as accompaniment Sibelius sounds played on my Mac. Not the best, but with EQ & effects, it works for my audiences (mostly small church groups). Need small b/c of three spinal surgeries, preventing me from lifting a lot. Also, I like to set it up and take it down quickly, e.g., when singing at more than one service Sunday morning. Been using a JVC Kaboom boom box, and it's good, but not powerful enough. Need the same quality, with more power. Need good bass. Thanks. Tom in Texas.
From the Steel Guitar Forum:
"One of the bands I play with uses the Bose Compact for rehearsals and, for gigs, the larger Model II for mains and then the Compact for a side throw (at a band-facing angle) for a single monitor.
In either setting it's simply something else.
At my age I think I've owned or played through every kind and size of sound reinforcement setup. The Bose are an outstanding and refreshing change. No ear fatigue, "cut-thru-everything", blessedly lightweight, literally minutes to set up and tear down, and even volume throughout the room. Audience members sit at the tables right in front of the tower without complaint about the sound pressure levels.
Bottom line appraisal: I'll never go back to big heavy speakers, subwoofers, "15's-on-a-stick", pre-amps, power amps, multiple road cases, stupidly long setup and tear down times, or heavy lifting."
Go get yourself a single high quality modern powered speaker like the Yamaha DXR12, This speaker has outstanding fidelity and loads more output than your boom box, it is light and has multiple inputs so it may be all you need besides a lightweight aluminum tripod stand to sing with backing tracks.
Thanks. Maybe I need to give the Bose towers a second look. I tried one out at Guitar Center, and the subwoofer didn't seem to pack enough kick. It sounded almost like a passive instead of powered speaker. My smallest p.a. is a JVC Kaboom boom box, and the bass is very punchy. Just not enough power: 40 watts. Wish it were at least 100. The Bose just didn't quite get it out there, on the low notes, especially for the price. But, I can't even remember which model I tried. Do you know anything about the Mackie FreePlay? It looks like just what I'm hunting for, but I've never tried one out. -- Tom in Texas
looks interesting.
after reading through some of the literature the only thing missing is the ability to pan sources L or R but given the intended application it's probably not a problem.
crazy thought... i wonder if an array of these would amount to anything worthwhile if only it had fly points... battery powered too... wonder what it would take to solar power some of these...
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