Event centre A/V suggestion


2013-03-10 1:00 am

I have been involved in setting up AV for a decent sized event hall. Speakers are already wired back to to a power amp which is located approx 200-300 ft away ( cannot be changed).

The event centre will have multiple uses (largemeetings, receptions etc)
The space needs a projector and should have the ability to display outputs from a computer,DVD player etc. I have a plan to use a scaler to send a single HDMI output back to the projector located 100ft away using a HDMI over CAT 5 converters. My problem which I forsee is to send the audio outputs back to the poweramp located 200-300 feet away. Not sure if they would be signal loss as well as sync issues with the audio and sound as well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you