Even More Tuth In Advertising

Do I have to do everything?

Only one.

I still can't believe 165 people have looked at this, and not one has had the nerve to say:

"Hey, how the hell is this kludge supposed to work?"


Now you will just have to figure out all the cryptic nonsense yourself.

Extra hint, so you won't bother Harry:

Search engine.

Jocko Homo:

I am sure since it uses an Analog Systems DAC, it must sound absolutely fantastic!

A beautiful design, destined to become a classic.

I want one! Are you sold out yet. How much for the PCB! Where's the schematic? That's a beautiful look with those bypass caps on one side of the chips and the regulators on the other side. Brilliant.

Which op amps are you using? I've got some secret ones I've been saving from AnalLog Systems to try out. Is there an option to disable the oversampling? I'm ready to start tweaking it right away.

Ok, I'm done now.
How did I miss this "one" April goodie?
Making Jocko's day!

To all you poor Aussies that were unfortunate enough to cross Jocko's path.

Here is a picture of Jocko relaxing with a friend at the ranch.

Jam :D :D :D

P.S. Guess what game they are playing?


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