EV Interface D/Sentry VI

Hi All,
I am in need of a crossover diagram for the Electro-Voice Interface D, or preferably the Sentry VI. I am doing a rebuild from a preexisting xo, but do not know the values on the coils. A link or a pic or anything would be appreciated. Lots of EV Int D manual links out there, but they all stop on PP 13 and the xo diagram is on a later page.
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Well I'm not any help but I've also been researching the InterfaceD / Sentry VI's lately.

I happen to have the drivers lying around and was thinking about building a pair but I also couldin't find any crossover diagram.

In the mean time I've put the VMR's and ST350B's in a box with an EVM15L and used the S1503 crossover - Doesn't sound bad!

I would still be very interested if anyone comes up with the InterfaceD / Sentry VI crossover values though...
Bump.....Still aching for a schematic or some expert advice. Sound comparison for the same mids/tweets for my 1503S and the interface D is in different galaxies.

Did physically peek at his Interface D XO and it is a true nightmare with the dual function plug for biamping. Not sure I could decipher it let alone copy it - especially with the dozen wires going to the presence adjuster....

My dream come true would be someone who knows this crossover and could help me set up a schematic for just its simple 3 way function as I probably could set that up nicely with premium caps.

Either that or someone with a set of Interface D/Sentry VI crossovers for sale - I expect that such parts would be worth at least $100 to me to purchase should anyone have them....
For those still seeking, the link was given to me by a kind member, so I will add it on here for all to see...


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