EV HR9040 with modern compression driver - will it work?

Ladies and gentlemen,
i am asking on behalf of a guy i met in another german forum, i am not the lucky winner owning the big horn here:
the precise question is the following: did anyone here made it to combine this large horn with a modern compression driver like the B & C DCM 414 or something even better like a BMS coax driver? Many thanks in advance for the interest about the question and best regards,
The Electro Voice Dh1012 driver that this horn was designed for is surprisingly good and probably competitive with modern drivers, discounting the top octave. I believe the current Dh1 titanium diaphragm fits these drivers as well, which could extend the top end a bit. I‘d probably run those if I managed to get my hands on a pair of these horns, I’ve heard it’s a great sounding combination.
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Hello Forum members,
many thanks for this answers so far. There was an adapter available to adapt to the very old 1 3/8 inch screw on mounting standard. There might be possible to use a second adapter to come to something like a 1.4 inch mounting plate, but the risk that the frequency response is degraded with all this adaptions is rather high i think.
Well, based on adapting a 1.4" Altec driver to 1" 511 horn, I'd try a simple inverse tapered wood adapter from 1.4" (or whatever size you prefer) to 1.29" x (~13543/2/10 kHz = ~ 0.677"/1.72 cm long based on its published dip) and work from there if not satisfied enough once some CD horn EQ is used.