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ESS AMT Monitors and pair of ESS VII

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Hello, have a pair of ESS AMT Monitors, don't know much about them, not sure if I can keep them but don't really want to dismantle and eBay them.... Anyone have an idea on their worth (both monetary and audio quality)? The cabinets are faded, tired dark wood veneer, about 4 feet tall, 100# each. Burgundy tweed fabric surrounds excellent drivers. Looks like very early model as the woofers have fabric/rubber surrounds, not foam. Any information would be appreciated, Also have a pair of ESS VII's with KEF b139 woofers, sound great, look similarly ugly...Thanks!ESS AMT Monitors ESS VII's
Both the AMT Monitors and the ESS VII's sound great. The VII's have been around for 6months or so, the AMT's just picked up yesterday. I have them in my garage since I haven't negotiated placement from the significant other yet (plus I need help to move-they weigh a bunch!). So I most likely will be selling the monitors as they are twice the size of the VII's. Sorry about the pictures, I will try to post them later today.... John

Here are a few pics of the AMT Monitors...Out on the Patio! Like I said, they are not especially designer speakers but really impressive sound. I have decided I will sell them but someday I will surely regret. As for pricing I have no idea so I am probably going to eBay them, and see what happens. I noticed that the ESS loudspeakers don't usually sell for the sum of the components and that is sad, but I will break 'em up if I don't get a good enough price. Thanks for the interest guys, John.


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For value, I figure the individual components will go for app 500 to 600 on eBay, will set the reserve on the complete units a little higher just to test demand. I will list soon and post the item number here. Really don't know what to expect for them, the "new" Monitors go for several thousand so who knows? Looks like you could replace the grill cloth with black and give the cabinets a coat of black paint and voila' - upgraded to "new" style.

Thanks for the interest, I don't feel as badly about selling them now that I know I couldn't afford them anyway....
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