ESP P113 voltage gain of 1, will it work?

I'm looking at building this amp: Headphone Amplifier
Can anyone help me predicting what the result would be if I replaced the resistor in the feedback loop with a jumper? Would it make the amp more likely to oscillate?
And if this would cause any problems, then what would be the correct way to make it work with 0 dB gain?

Thanks is advance!
That would not decrease the gain of the actual amp but just attenuate the input signal?
The idea is to decrease the gain of the amp to decrease the distortion at lower load impedances. I'm just afraid that it will cause the amp to oscillate, if I make the feedback resistance 0, since the decrease in gain could increase bandwidth.
But thanks for the suggestion :)

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2006-10-24 9:41 pm
The stability of the opamp in a given situation is down to the choice of opamp, the opa2134 is unity stable and a standard choice in headphone amps, cd/dac outputs etc. Its also the one on the esp site. Opamps all have a datasheet that will cover stability and how to connect them under different circumstances.