Esp P06


2001-04-20 8:32 pm
I have built this project and I have enjoyed its sound, however, it's time to tweak away.

I'm looking to replace the opa2132 op amps that I am currently using. I've heard great things about the ad797, but it's a single op amp, the ad8610 does not accept +/- 15v rails and apparently the ad826 has been dismissed as sonically inferior to the ad8610.

Anyone had any experiences of these chips or this project? It would be good if you could share them here.



What were the comments you had on the AD826?

Dejan Veselinovic, who formerly reviewed equipment at TNT and carried on DIY mods there, considers the 826 to be the best sounding chip, as he says on his site.

I think you should try it and see that for yourself on your equipment.

The 826 specs are very close to the 825's and even better on some areas, and it's dual. The AD8610 is single, and some consider it not as good as the 825. So again you should try it yourself first. IMHO.