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ESP P05b and P88b Kits up for grabs

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Iv'e bagged up some of Rod Elliot's ESP kits that I'm going to sell. Not making mega-bux just covering costs for my own projects. Also, good to make these more accessible to DIY audio folks as you can only buy PCBs off Rod's site. These Kits include everything attached to the PCB.

I use these P88b preamps and P05b power supplies so much in my own projects I thought I may as well buy 10 of all the components instead of just buying 1 or 2. I have spoke to Rod about it and he has kindly let me have access to the assembly instructions which I have put up in a secure section on my website. Purchasers will get a password to access them.

With the current economic situation the Australian Dollar has taken a beating. So people buying these from the US or Europe will be getting a excellent deal, cheap as chips :D

Email me those who are interested and I will work out postage. Payment will be through Paypal.

P88b = AU$62.50 + post/packing
P05b = AU$41.00 + post/packing


just completed one of these kits, very happy with it

I just purchased one of these and have built it into a simple enclosure with a 16V AV plugpack to supply it - very happy with the results.

Wanted it to boost the output levels of my Alien Dac to better drive a TDA8920 bassed Class D amp (see class D forum).

I have just used a low cost enclosure from Rockby and other hardware from Altronics, its not a flashy case, but it is functional. The waxy looking stuff is polymorph plastic used to hold wires and PCBs in place.



disclaimer: I have worked on lots of other cool stuff with Col in the past.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.