esafono: back-emf solution

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ESAFONO a brand new idea about audio loudspeakers

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Diffuser two ways particular
Who has built it Stee

Particular characteristics
A very particular patented system

Stee has had a really interesting idea, that could have really of the good results..... not you the time to be able to listen to the result to judge it
Good morning I propose you a novelty audiofila:

we take two identical loudspeakers...
reversing the polarity of the magnet on the first loudspeaker connecting it to the second in antiparallel or antiseries, we will get an answer of the cones in coherent phase, with the advantage to demolish the strength inverse elettromotrice that inevitably, for reaction, it produces him in the single spools
result: smaller distorsion

a loudspeaker that easily gets off him take I have chosen the CIARE CW171 in symmetrical configuration to understand better you look at a page of the catalog
it deals with getting off the fondello with three brugoles, then to get off the nucleus, simply rotating him/it, it is screwed. the tablets to the neodimio must be capsized (there is no gap width) on the central ring (polar expansion) the tuttosi is reassembled it will connect to his complementary with the sign + to the place of the - (to mark it with a pencil) non cares better if in parallel or in series the spools stir in phase as the cones

The Strength back-emf lives magnetic opposite however it produces a strength back-emf (phenomenon a neglected pò, is the reaction of the trasduttore) that it is confused of 180° in comparison to the complementar they escape, it deals with the principle of the double denied very exploited in the tools that I mend (differential transformer)
the best linearity and the consequent demolition of the emphasis it is due esclusivamnete from the fact that these two EMFs are absolutely symmetrical (unlike the push-pull where the cones are inverted) don't I have ever made measures I have idea that deals with a 6-7% of linaerity in more

made the complementary couple, we will connect her/it in series (cars are component) 8ohm instead the tweeter CIARE HT320 (home)
dimensions: height 90 (more 5cm of footsies industrial antivibranti in rubber conica=95)
width 25
depth 34
litraggio: 50 lts (2xVas tot)
reflex diameter 80 varying length mod. Monacor 45° installed to the base birch tree multistrato 25mm the mask that surrounds the loudspeakers is 5mm MDFs painted distance among the centers 15cm height earth Tweeter 76cm classical filter 2,8 KHzes 12dB/oct (you see the photo of the sketch) vaschetta pin bi-wiring

the sound of the Esafono is very similar to the systems isobarik (you see project CIARE TOWER 4 Streets)
with the advantage to be more suggestive to the tall volumes of listening
and to clearly cost less
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