ES9018 DAC on Discrete analog line


2015-11-22 10:56 am
Good afternoon. I want to make a good player DACs in a single package.
Player's this (does not seem to bad reviews) FPGA Lossless mastering digital turntable player APE FLAC WAV DSD 192K24bit HIFIFirst I wanted to buy DAC-END P, but they were not released, and the manufacturer began to make them much worse.Guys need your help.
There is a DAC Gustard ES9018 DAC x12, he liked the sound of me, probably because the discrete analogue. I am looking for a similar charge and try to collect himself. Natural causes that do not have such a good device, but if the price is very high.
Maybe someone else has already done such a thing?
Prompt or aliexpress or ebay or on what charges the DAC and its possible revision.