Erno Borbley preamp linestages


2001-10-03 5:48 am
I am planning on building a preamp with the Borbley All-Fet linestage and a Shalco stepped attenuator. Has anyone out there had any experience with the Borbley kits? My assemblage dac has 4V out so I would like to configure it as a unity gain buffer. Any input would be appreciated, thanks....
I have built a few items from borbely. The all cascode lineamp and dc-50 amp. He is a great guy and will answer any questions you will have but remember he is in germany so do the time zone math. He doesnt mind 10 pm phone calls. The documentation that comes with his kits is excellent though it may not address what you want to do . The gain should be adjustable by replacing a few resistors but ask him before you buy. He also wrote some articles on setting up his lineamp circuit for just about anything you could think of in the old Audio Amateur magazine. I believe you can still buy old backissues at .As for his sound it is top rate and i believe you could hardly go wrong with any of his products. You might also consider the all cascode as he also has some mods for it on his web site.Hope this helps. If not just ask:)