Equivalent of M5213L


2010-03-23 9:37 am
Thank you for yor answer.

Although, I'll have to ask a few more questions because my skill's in electronics are limited.
I can use a multimeter, make basic measurments and tests, I can de/solder through holes but that's it.

The M5213L is a 7pin IC and your suggestions are 8pin IC's. What should I look for in their datasheets in order to make it work? It's for a preamp's tone control section.
Should I make any other mods in my amp or it's ready to go?
Any advice?

Thanks again.
Cleaned my glasses and yes I looked up M5218L by mistake!!! It is a TL071 type. Sorry.

Pin outs will be Pin1 NC, Pin 2 inverting input, Pin 3 non inverting input, Pin 4 -ve rail, Pin 5 NC, Pin 6 NC, Pin 7 output.

There are plenty available from trusted suppliers.
M5213L | eBay
LittleDiode I have used and are genuine.
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2010-03-23 9:37 am
This is the circuit of the M5213L IC.
It's in the preamp section of a AM-U33 AKAI integrated amp.


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