Equalizer apo and VST plug-ins

When I use Wondoes to run my system, I have Equalize APO installed and active. Recently, I began experimenting with its ability to run "VST plug-ins". Particularly searching for a dynamic range compressor that just happens to have expansion capability.

The reason for this is I found a radio stream I really like (Retro Radio California), but by Listening I have to say they compress the ---- out of their audio broadcast.

I realize with all the possible variables that can be used in compression, getting back to the exact signal originally fed into the compressor is a fat chance. But somewhere toward that end is better than nothing.

I found such a beast at REAPER | ReaPlugs. I downloaded the "VST FX Suite" of various VSTs he offers for 64 bit - the system bit width matters - unzipped it and installed the ReaXcomp VST. It works to give the compressed music a little more punch.

Easily overdone, you have to be conservative with the settings and accept the most you can do (before unwieldy) as better than flatter-than-pondwater dynamics. A/B testing; it's definitely doing something.

Anyone here using ReaXcomp inside Equalizer APO for dynamic range restoration? (It'd be nice to share settings, which are a little daunting) And of course, it's be great to get this functionality inside Daphile, so I dont have to boot "Wondoes" just to listen to the radio - with a little dynamic range :wiz:

I seem to be the only DIY'er capable of crafting a post with zero replies. I can only guess as to how come?

- The idea is so far out there, no one can think of anything + to say -
- The idea may have been interesting in 2005, but in 2020 everyone's moved onto doing their EQ on a stand-alone DSP -