Eq Of Classical Music Instruments

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Hello there............

Does anyone out there have information about what frequencies are used in the equalisation of SYMPHONIC musical instruments specifically violin, cello, viola, double bass, brass horns ( trombone, trumpet, saxaphone ), clarinet oboe etc. I know that each instrument has a basic pitch and overtones but have not found much online info about them

I can find plenty of articles on line for the equalisation of rock music drums, electric bass and guitars etc but nothing on the eq of classical musical instruments.

Its as though classical music isnt being recorded anymore...........

I am transfering my old classical music lp's to cd and at times need to do some eq but dont know what frequencies would be best to use.

Thank you in advance....

Thank you for responding....

What I am referring to is when the recording engineer is mastering the mix and finds that the originally recorded instruments sound need adjusting......the violins are too shrill or the clarinet sounds a bit muffled...that type of thing. Like I say, I can find all sorts of information on kick drums, what frequecy to cut if they are boomy or if cymbals are too thin, what frequency to boost a bit, but for the instrument mix of the symphony, I can't find anything.

I am not referring to the riaa curve.

Thank you much again.

There are charts out there that compare the range of instruments to the piano scale and also frequency. As far as recording, I can tell you that a good engineer will carefully choose what mic to use on each instrument, and in this case very little eq is needed.
Thank you both......

I transfer to cd to save wear on the stylus and the record itself. I then carefully archive the record in case the cd is damaged.

When playing the record I would frequently use an octave equalizer to adjust the sound...but..I frequently play the cd's on my small system or in the car that does not have an equalizer, so I am trying to create a cd that is allready equalised a modest amount.

In most articles I have read on equalisation the advice is to cut and not boost to keep the volume from getting too high. This is somewhat the opposite of using an equalizer of the home system where the listener justs boosts a bit if something sounds muffled. That is why I am hoping to find some formation about basic pitch and harmonics of instruments

Thank you

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.