Epson Modded For Alternate Lamp Sources

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This is my first time posting here. I have seen many refrences to here from lumenlab. I have some interesting projects in the works with Epson 3LCD projectors and alternate lamp sources.

The current model - Epson PowerLite 73c

The ballast was pretty easy to bypass after some poking around with a multimeter.

***For those of you that are having trouble bypassing the ballast on any projector***

1 - Find the group of wires that come from the ballast to the main board.
2 - Power the projector on with NO lamp.
3 - Measure the voltages on all the wires connecting to the main board.
4 - Find the wire that is close to +3V
5 - Insert lamp (If you have one) and power on. Measure the voltage of this wire again. The voltage should be around 0V
6 - Connect the spot on the board where that wire connected to a ground on the main board.

This will bypass the lamps for 90% of projectors. It has worked for me on about 8 different models.

Here are some pictures of the inside and of the wire added ot bypass the ballast.


More to come as I test new lamp sources. LED and HID will both be tried. HID worked well on a DLP that I modded.
Here's something odd- and hopefully a good thing.

I did this to the old lamp- I took a piece of wire and connected the two, essentially making closing the loop on the current. Thinking nothing else would happen, I was surprised that zoom and focus functions work (they're powered on this pj) so something must be happening. I didn't test it for very long but perhaps on this particular pj that is all that is needed.


However, I could also eventually burn up the pj and that would be that :D

thats a dangerous way to bypass the ballast and it might fry it. You need the lamp reflector anyways so undo that. If the lamp is fried carefully remove the lamp so you only have the reflector and housing.

Follow my guide for ballast bypass and remove the ballast if its seperate. I will scan ur pictures better and see what I can see.

Things that aslo can be bypassed is the Lamp door and thermal switches.
Ballast bypass for Infocus lp120

I tried your suggested method for thwe Infocus LP120, but can't seem to get it to work. Theres 5 wires leading from the ballast to the main board with varying voltages , some below , some above 3v and non of these seem to work.

I can get the projector to come on if I plug my Kettle into the bulb socket, and can even make a cup of tea after about 2 hours of it running. I'm not entirely sure that my Kettle likes having several kv running throught it, but well, it made me smile when it worked.

Any ideas??


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tw600 Lamp Bypass

Hello everybody
I found an epson epm-tw600 projector with a broken lamp. After reading a few topics in the forum for bypassing the lamp i measured the voltage in the main board . I found two places where the voltage was 3.3 v. The one was at 11-pin connector (mainboard-power supply) and the other was at a connector called "SCI" which goes to the power supply.
Here are my questions:
A) By bypassing the lamp the whole system will work as it would have a lamp?
B) Could i connect any 220V-100W lamp in the projectors pins or should i use an external power supply for the lamp?
C) What sould i do with the 3.3 v connectors?
Hello paparia,
I have Epson EMP 50 and there is on the board connector SCI as you have. I found there on pin 3 something like 2.8V. So I connected this pin to GND and it works. The pj stay ON.
But now I have another problem with a bulb. I tried some power leds, HID from a car, but the results are little bit funny :). The best picture I've reached is about 10inch when is totaly dark :).
The original bulb has 150W.
I can not found any information how to replace the bulb for any other but I have an idea what wanna try.

I found this halogenid bulb:
Takeit: Halogenidová výbojka OSRAM HQI-TS 150W v barvì WDL/NDL/D patice RX7s
She has 150W and 12000 lumens, the price is about 19$.

To power this bulb I will need this ballast:
Pøedøadník pro sodíkové a halogenidové výbojky 150W, 220-240V, 147x47x65mm Tridonic, 20568863 -
price is about 38$

What do you think abou it?
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