EPSON EMP-83e mod, but the light is orange

3 days trying to modify EPSON - EMP 83e, bought buy!
Projector was bought without a lamp and not tested if it works!
I opened it, cleaned it well, I found OK signal from ballast - lamp and tied to GND! Reworked and switches on the lamp cover.
Projector is modified according to all the rules, I think so! I have already successfully modified a HP DLP.

The problem is that now when I turn it to elctric network POWER lamp lights up continuously, but it is! Press button POWER, but there is no reaction and remains so - standby (according to the instructions of the projector).

Try loading the video signal, press buttons and whatnot, but no response to constantly lit in orange lamp POWER.

Projector is a variant of the school -
I have no remote to try if she was made to include only the remote. There may be some protection, because it is the school version, and placed with the remote!!!

Do you have any suggestions why I can not turn it on, why did not react and stays only in standby!!?
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There are some photos from today - jivota na Koleto - ???????? - bradchedat

I checked several times microswitches and connecting Optoelectronics

Here's what I measured the voltages on the big connector in standby mode -

I measured something very strange!

The connector for the front protective cover have 0v-GND and 3.25v! -

But jack switch for lamp cover, I could not measure any voltage only 0v and GND!!! Very strange! Elements to the connector are almost the same as the other socket, and here I could not measure any voltage. I removed the cable and put the switch, but no tension!
I think there should also be a tension, as in other similar socket! Maybe just a lack of tension here (fault) causes the projector to think that the lid is open for light and will not start!?