Enough gain for passive pre ?

I am want to build a Pass amp for my 90db 4 ohm speakers and I have the following questions .
a) The opinion on the forum seems to suggest that the Aleph 2 is the best sounding design. However I am not sure I need so many watts which I guess increases amp size heat sinks etc. Somebody suggested an Aleph 5. What do you think?
b) I am currently running a passive pre and my cd player doesn't output more than 1v. I have the impression Pass amps don't have a lot of gain and cannot be used without a line stage. Do I have to build a line stage as well ? Ideally I would like to avoid it because I think it just adds another stage which the signal must go thru with all the loss in resolution etc. What do you guys think of passive vs active pres and solving my problem ?
I think you need a pre-amp too ,not only for gain,but for the impedance problems.I am not definitely sure a CD player can drive any amp.with good sound quality and adaptation.Think about the little op-amps!Misere....
But with a shorten plug you can get the Alephs to have 26 dB unbal.Isn't that enough??