Enclosure Suggestion???

Hi all.

I picked up a couple of widerange speakers from the New Zealand version of ebay, specs are below. Manufacturer is unknown. Can anyone suggest a enclosure that they feel would work? I also have no other t/s detail.

One pair of Neodymium magnet, paper cone Taiwanese-made wideband speakers.

Similar to Fostex fullrange speakers with a balanced and smooth frequency response. Reports had some prefer them to Lowthers.

106mm driver faceplate
94mm baffle hole size

Approx 89dB efficient
68hz - 20Khz
Imp: 4ohm
Fs: 68Hz
Qt: 0.48
Vas: 7.68 l
Xmax 2mm
10w rated, 15w music
Surround: PU
Cone: Paper


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Hi Cal.

To be honest i don't mind, WAF in the room that my audio sits in is not an issue.

I have an wide taste in music, so could be classical one minute followed by Pink Floyd! although saying that I do have a preference for female vocal jazz.

Room is 5 metres wide by 8 long by 2.4 high and will be run from a Topping TP30 T amp.

You have musical tastes very similar to mine. I will agree with Cal and suggest the Cornu for this driver (standard 28 in size x 4.5 in deep) and also another option is to go with a FH3-like design. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/227460-fh3-inspired-foam-core-mini-build.html I had very good luck scaling the FH3 down to work with the Vifa TC9FD. Btw, the frame on this driver looks just like a Vifa/Peerless (probably a custom run by Peerless for this company). The FH3-like design will have better spatial imaging soundstage but Cornu will fill space better and have wider sweetspot. Both are great for female vocals. Good luck.
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Cornu. :smash:
It makes sense in so many ways unless you are building fully from wood and then the options other than Cornu are endless. I think it's the frontrunner due to it's ability to have a working model in a short number of hours. Due to it's nature, it's not going to sound a lot different in a wood cabinet than if it's foam core with wood baffles. That's hard to say with other alignments. Hey man, you're the genius here, run with it.