Enclosure Design For A Sub

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Hi guys,

My brother recently purchased a 240W Jaycar amp and a Digital Designs 1000 Series 12" Sub, and he wants to use it in his room primarily for music. There are no restrictions on sub box - in fact he wants it large (if it sounds better of course). Basicly he wants it to sound good and be loud. I've been looking around heaps and playing with WinISD, however the main problem is I'm not in the position to hear the difference between the sub in different enclosures so I'm still not really sure what to go. I've been tossing up between building a sealed or a vented box for a while. Originally I thought sealed definatly but the DD website recommends a vented box - although thats generally in a car enviroment. I'm also not sure if I should make a horn loaded box but I'm not really sure how to do it its just that it seems to be the best option if size is not a factor. Sorry to make another "build my box!" thread ;) When I get more time and $$$ I wouldnt mind borrowing the sub off my brother (hehe) and making a few enclosures to hear the difference myself.

Sub Specs Are Here: http://www.ddaudio.com/dd/caraudio/woofers.asp?series=1000

Thanks a lot :)


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The cab design would depend on the types of music it's intended for, but I believe in building for all types so it needs to go low enough to play 16Hz organ notes. This is currently low enough for any action movies also. A basshorn would be too big for most rooms so a ML-TL is a reasonable alternative. Its Vas is too small to need a truly large cab, but its specs ideally dictates a long one though:

L = 95"
CSA (w x d) = 111.1"^2
driver down from top = 30.33"
vent = 5" dia x 15" long near/at the bottom
stuffing = ~20 oz polyfil distributed along the entire line

Of course this can be folded up to suit the room/position to some extent or if there's room, I recommend making it triangular and laying it down at the wall floor junction with the vent loading a corner. Using a triangular shape also makes for a nice efficient fold with no need for any bracing if void free 19mm (min) such as Baltic Birch or Appleply or 25mm MDF is used. If you want it to perform like a TL then experiment with stuffing different amounts of polyfil or fiberglass insulation into the vent. A screen over the vent will be required to keep it from being spit out at high power on low notes.

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