Emit ribbon tweeter - help!

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Take a look at ebay:


click on the search button (= Suchen , on top of page ) and then
click on search by item# (= Nach Artikelnummer)
copy in the item# in the blank field and
click on find (= Finden) button


I don`t know if this are the models You`re searching for but also I saw somewhat different emit models offered at ebay once in a while - check the site frequently!
If You need help about German descriptions or whatever - email me.

Taken From <a href="http://www.speakersupply.com/"><b><u>Layne Audio</u></b></a>,
<i><font color=#800000><b>Infinity</b> is trying to re-invent itself once again and gain some distance from its JBL brandmate. In this latest reorganization they have stopped supporting many older models all together, and now factory replacement parts for unique items like the Polydome and EMIM midranges are now gone. We have several higher quality replacement options for the dome mids and most other woofers/mids/tweeters...but no drop-in replacements for the planar magnetic drivers. The diaphragms of the EMIM mids and EMIT tweeters can sometimes be repaired with conductive epoxy if you can locate the break in the conductor [most common problem]. If the mylar membrane has stretched and the driver is "buzzing", you can try heating it to re-tension the membrane [may work, may cause more problems than it solves]. We are now carrying two German designed planar magnetic drivers that are ideal upgrade/ replacement drivers for the EMIT and EMIM drivers. Sound quality, durability, and output level are much better than the original Infinity drivers [which were designed in the late 50's]. These will require some cabinet and crossover modification to work in the Infinity cabinets, but is well worth the trouble. The tweeter modules are $49 each, mids $69 each [cheaper than new diaphragms!].</font></i>

Might want to contact them?

hope this helps

I have a pair that I am not planning on using. They were in a 2 way setup and the woofers' surrounds had rotted. The cabinets and woofers were donated to whomever picked them up off my curb. I bought the speakers just for the EMITs but am through playing with them. I will sell for my cost of $60. You pay shipping, I take care of packing.
David Thatcher
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.