ELEKIT TU-8900 2A3/300B (Stereophile Review Available NOW - July 2023 Edition)

More praise in June Stereophile TAD Compact Evolution One review by Herb Reichert:

Elekit TU-8900

"On a perverse whim, with no expectations, I connected the TAD speakers to Elekit's 8Wpc single ended TU-8900 300B amplifier. As with the SIT-3, I wondered if the Elekit would work at all. It worked right away. After successfully playing Shake Sugaree, the Room-bot led me to Folk Songs and Blues by Mississippi John Hurt (16/44.1 FLAC, Mississippi John Hurt/Tidal). That's when I fell in love. "On Candy Man," it was crazy how good the tone and texture were. Hurt's voice sounded like it came from a real person. His tricky guitar licks supported his satiny voice in a manner that made this album feel like the most genteel acoustic blues ever.
I am not recommending this 8W triode amp as an ideal choicer the CE1TX's, but I am saying that when operating within its 8W limits on low-energy program, the TU-8900 delivered more natural tone and textural magic than any other amp I tried."
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Thanks Victor, I will have to think this over. I only need 2 inputs one for a LUMIN streamer and one for phono which I don’t use as much but it’s a bit of a nuisance unpluging the cables when I do. I have nearly pulled the trigger half a dozen times on the the TU-8550.
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I just assembly my Tu8900 a few weeks ago, the sound is amazing! I can get bigger stage when compare the Mac312 . The sound image what I like is the instrument without outlines, it sounds like closer to the live stage . So I want to step forward to update it , first what it the best drive tube for it ? eec82 or 12bh7a

Thank you
The Stereophile review of TU-8900 is availavle in July Edition ( 1st or 2nd week of June)
The most important upgrade is the Lundahl LL2785C Amorphous core OPT. You can use 12BH7 or 12AU7/ECC82/6067 as driver tubes.
The review version includes the the following upgrade
Lundahl LL2785C Amorphous core
46 pcs of AN Tantalum Resistors (signal path
4 Takman 2% (less than 10 ohm)
2 Amtrans AMRG 1% 15 ohm
Audio Note Silver coupling cap 0.1 X 2