Electronics World Magazine have lost the plot..!!!!!

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Folks will recall that i promised to write a simple article on amp. design here:


I contacted Svetlana Josifovska (editor) with the obvious view to getting it published...

...only to be told by the worthy that Electronics World no longer pays authors for their work!! :bigeyes:

In other words, send your work in...if we like it, we shall publish...and you wont get a penny..!!:D:

Insane or what??!!!:bawling:
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Hi mikeks,
Put it in a PDF and publish it here yourself. No money, but it will be read by many. You have already done the work and you should be recognised for it.

I hope you told them no, as they run their business on that kind of content. Pretty silly really

anatech said:
Hi mikeks,
Put it in a PDF and publish it here yourself. No money, but it will be read by many. You have already done the work and you should be recognised for it.

Unfortunately, it's been many months of hard work...in my spare time...

Would certainly like to get some monetary reward for it...

anatech said:

Pretty silly really

Weapons grade stupidity really!
That they no longer pay will probably see an end to the ongoing sagas produced by people with an AP test set and too much time on their hands - producing the endless reams of perturbations and superficial conclusions! Machinations, machinations and never anything of much substance.

Reminds me of school days where you had to write a 1000 word essay - even if you could cover the topic effectively in 100.
EW sucks, if they dont pay miss mikeks what she asks for, we the
readers pay what they ask for, recently i browsed through the
the pages of ew and there wasnt but one article on analogue
most of the articles were on digital usb interfaces and micros,it is
a shame really to not publish the work of such an excellent writer
such as miss mikeks

miss mikeks if you have any free article links of ew on douglas and
audio you wish to share with us experts of the diyaudio community
please do

thanks in advance

kind regards


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> send your work in...if we like it, we shall publish...

Writers, like musicians, NEED to know the Business. Starving writers and musicians is not a cliche, but too often the truth.

Do NOT write a book, not even an article, UNTIL you know a market which will accept good work at a rate you can accept. That means, for an article, a first paragraph and a middle page. Stop there and submit it to an editor. Don't do any more work until she expresses interest and on what terms.

Maybe the editor does not like your style. Maybe he does not like your subject. Or maybe she loves your subject and has a pile of such articles waiting to go to print. Or maybe it is perfect but the rag is near-bankrupt and can't pay.

Dickens got about $0.02/word. These days writers often "work" for $0.01/word, and that penny is worth a lot less than it was to Dickens. The print magazine racket is collapsing.

Better for them to admit it up front than to promise payment on publication and then "forget". I just read a writer's autobiography in which he had to sue to get anything, settled for half what was promised, and had to split that with the lawyer.

In the US, Writer's Market is/was the book with ALL (almost) the places a general writer can peddle his wares. Used to be mostly-USA, but I notice they are going global. Sample listing (for a particularly juicy market). WM used to be a fat annual book; I notice it has gone over to on-line. That's what is happening to all print media: the internet is 99% crapola, but hunting for the 1% leaves no time to buy and read properly edited mass-printed media.

Note that even at Nat Geo Traveler's high $0.50/word rate, and 90% freelance articles, their total payment to writers is no more than what they must pay one or two top editors. The days when magazines were cash-cows is long gone.

Nobody is paying $0.50/word for electronics. EET and similar industry rags get all the words they need from insiders on company salary. "Basic Opamp Filters", all examples using X.Co. chips, writen by an X.Co. engineer on X.Co. time. I suspect Morgan-Jones got a couple thousand per book, maybe fully illustrated, indexed, and typeset. i.e.: less than Winer was getting a decade ago. Amazon.com may be growing, but the print industry in general is imploding.

Writer's Market is must-have for general writers, but with the shrinking electronics magazine market you may already know all the rags who would take your article, and can quickly find out if any of them pay enough to be interesting.

Audio Xpress is clinging to life. I queried them ~1998 and got NO response for 3 years; then Ed seemed to think I owed him an article. (I suspect he was not taking care of business and ran out of material.) Ed has stepped-back and the magazine seems to be running better, but I'm sure the payment, if any, is just a token, nowhere near what your time is worth.
Jocko Homo said:
C'mon Mike.........you really don't expect to be paid that much by any magazine.

78 figures....63 references....100 pages...A4
@£20 per page=£2000

...can live with that...it's the principal rather than the amount per se...

....no one works for free..!

'sides...i got paid for my last Electronics World article
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phase_accurate said:
I think that EW's quality went down the drain after Martin Eccles (chief editor) left some years ago.
My subscription ended this month and I am reluctant to renew it simply because the mag went boring (and thinner as well !!) over the last years.



EW has been going down after Martin Eccles and has been trying to get back on its original feet for a little over a year with what basically were reruns by an interim editor. But that going down was not because of the editor but because of other developments. Now SJ is obviously trying to reposition the magazine along the lines of EDN in a desperate bid to survive. You will see more industry articles and plugs which are for free for EW. That said, I think they still have quite some prestige and I would rather publish for free in EW than on this forum, where it is unlikely that more than a handful of people can appreciate your work.

Jan Didden
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