Electronics shops in Munich

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Does anybody know about any electronics shops i Munich that also have internet sites with catalogs of their products. (Well I'm pretty sure Bernhard does since he lives there.) I've got a friend who will buy some things for me and send them off to Norway, but I need to give him exact instructions on what to buy.

I know about Bürklin and they've got a lot, but I'm not too satisfied about the electrolytic caps I can find there. I need something like 10.000uF/75V, but it seems like all their good caps have a bolt underneath for mounting. The Fischer und Tausche caps, for instance, comes with and without this bolt. Do you know if Bürklin has things not listed on their website?

Please tell me all you know about this issue - that would really help me alot. There have to be more than one shop like Bürklin in Munich (I hope).

Thanks in advance,
Hi Truls,

there are some more (mainly small surplus without internet site, nothing too exciting) electronics shops in Munich and they are all in the same street (or only some meters away) as Bürklin unless Conrad electronic.
This street, Schillerstrasse is only a couple of meters from the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof). It is only a few hundret meters long and so it`s very easy to find them.
One of them (a couple of meters in a side-street from Schillerstraße) with internet site is this one:http://www.mir-elektronik.de/ . It`s a small surplus shop which sometimes has very special parts, modules and used measurement equipment.
Conrad can be found in the internet: www.conrad.de but they do not have such a good choice for parts as Bürklin (at least not for audio electronic freaks).
Bürklin has the biggest and best choice by far. As far I know their hole supply is avaible at their internet site.
That`s all I know but maybe Bernhard know other places too?
Thanks for both the answers.

I guess I'll stick to Conrad and Bürklin because they have walk-in stores in Munich. Conrad has rather stiff prices though.

Can anyone tell me if the Epcos B41456 caps are recommendable for audio? How do they compare to more "famous" caps?

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