Electronics problem

All electronic technique normally does not exist, and the production is paid for by the killing of children and the people, electronic technology are just cosmic computer programs -normally they do not work: nuclear power plants, computers, diodes, transistors ... .
On the forum I do not what more to write, and I don't more have to deal with electronics and this is my last topic on the forum.
The lad from Poland actually *does* have a valid point in there... most basic research on electronics historically speaking has been driven by military/industrial applications on a meta scale, whose source or impetus comes from the government. The greatest movement forward in technology arguably has come during wartime (WWII being the most obvious). The space race caused both the Soviet bloc and the US bloc to go warp drive on technology to accomplish that task. Similarly, super computing was funded mostly by the military/government... etc. There's little doubt that government and military sources provide a significant portion of research and development $$. Not to mention this "internet thingie" formerly known in the USA as "Arpanet" and off limits at one time to most people...

So... breathe deep.

the rest of it... whoops!
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