Electronics Obsession!!!!

DO any of you here feel you have an electronics obsession?

Sometimes, all I can do is think about and work on my circuits, but I don't get much done. But I have like 3 projects almost finished, and I started them at nearly the same time. I used to work on one at a time.

So far I've built the boards for
High-gain headphone mic listening amp - almost done
12V SMPS 30V+/-output so far -
4-channel BTL amplifier w/battery power mini sound system - works great

All 3 of those still need enclosures built :cannotbe:

And I'm still getting all the parts for my 4channel + sub home system
and a car amplifier I'm wanting to build. I spent over $125 in heatsinking alone. :eek: :bigeyes:

I'm going to not come up with any more projects until all 5 of my projects are done!

I wish I could find a good job in central FL doing component-level electronics - that would be awesome.
Oh, I forgot about my 12 CFL SMPS ballast, until I saw my toroid behind my computer monitor.....

I'm about to mount the transformer to the PCB, then connect a few leads, then use my TL494 test board to drive the mosfets. Once all goes well and circuit operates the way I want it, then I'll build the TL594 IC with socket and components on the PCB.

That's how I did the 12V SMPS, once the SMPS worked with my TL494 test board pushing the mosfets, I just copied the same TL circuit and RT and CT values.

The main issue I'm having with the CFL circuit is that I'm not really sure what frequency to run it at.

Anyway, I'm glad to see the obsession is something we share in common :D :) :eek: