Electronic Lamps, electricity, i need help, lamps burning, needing procedure

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Intructions, as i could find that our forum has a lot of Electrical Enginneers that can help me.


I need some help, form Electricity Enginneers and all experienced guys related the subject.

Electronics lamps burning constantly.

I have one small appartment, 200 meters distant the place i leave that is rented.

The one that rent the appartment is asking some electricall inspection, as lamps are burning too much constantly, and in special in two rooms.

I have not idea about the reason why..... and asking you guys, if someone have an idea about the possible causes.

As i will go to this appartment, to make some inspection visit, i will go with an electrician that also do not know the possible causes...so...i am needing some instructions.

Do you think oxide connections.... faulting switches.... under voltage, spikes?... have some idea...as i want to fix this problem, this is my responsability, as apartment was rented as good to leave, and now presenting problems that have to be fixed.

All instructions or suggestions...or procedure instructions are welcome..as i am feeling alike a blind man walking between two gangs that are figthing and bullets passing near me coming from everywhere...do not know how to fix the problem!!!


Poor wiring...someone switched the neutal instead of the hot wire and light bulb is being grounded? A shorted switch is a posibility. Always look for the most obvious first even if it seems easy to overlook.

What excactly are you experiencing. Some lights are brighter in certain rooms and others are dimmer? Sometimes a misbalanced main transformer where the secondary center tap is bad connection to neutral maybe from corrosion, can cause higher voltage on one side and lower on the other and can pop lightbulbs.:dead:
lots of moisture in Brazil isn't there?

maybe a switch or wire is bad in a 3 way connection. (2 switches for one light)

Just be sure to use common sense so you don't get hurt:angel: and keep a meter handy.
I once rented an apartment and in playing with my amplifier circuits, noticed that the unloaded transformer secondary voltage was like 6-8volts higer than it used to be.:xeye: So this led me to measure the line voltage with my handy dany voltmeter and found the line was about 138V. This was confirmed by others living there by complaints that light bulbs didn't last very long. I notified the utility company and come to find out, the main transformer feed to that apartment complex used to also feed another building that was recently vacant and disconected. So they had to move the tap on the primary to include more turns in the primary to lower the voltage. Who knows, I may have prevented a fire!!:cool:
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audiofan said:
1° check for overvoltage
2° check for overheating ( ovrsised bulb in a small shade )
3° check for vibrations ( d'ont rattle a bulb under voltage )
4° cheap bulb
5° instant cooling ( dont spill water on a ligtbulb )

These seem like the only possible reasons to me. Bad wiring means it will work, not work or be dangerous.

The only other possiblity is this unit is on the same circuit as a certain faulty lift. :D Nasty voltage spikes and transients.

It would probably be cheaper to give the tenants a box of free globes and rent to unit to blind people in the future. ;)


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Greg, be free to delete the file...no problem...Guys!...thank you all

Every inform was precious.

Polarity check
Heat analisis
Vibration in the mains frequency...noise result of vibrations
Possibility of fake lamps
Over voltage
Rust and socket corrosion

Interesting Mastertech, corrosion from Sea salt is not reaching that place..it is interesting, now, in front of the sea, i have not this problem...only the five first stages are beeing corroded...maybe the salt suspended is heavy and do not reach my place...no oxide here.... i cannot understand..... do you think they grounded all the iron of the concrete extructure....or maybe some voltage biasing to avoid electrolitic corrosion?... there are some batteries near the main building ground...maybe they are biasing something...no rust...interesting that...and confuses me!...maybe some air dinamics effect of air masses routating when reach the buiding front...glasses also do not have salt over them..i checked using my own tongue...very interesting that!

Thank you all guys that came to cooperate:

Dimitri danyuk

All of you with good ideas, and many guys confirming other guys ideas...this is good... the result of many guys are always better than one single one thinking about the subject.

I was thinking to replace all appartment wiring....80 square meters appartment, to replace ao Quick thermal automatic fuses and to order the electrical company a new Consumption Meter.

I lived inside this appartment from 1990 to 1994, and it was nice, but i moved to another one bigger and my Wife's sister (hummm...beautifulll...oh!...oh!...oh!) use it for long time, was rented to her by very small value (well, she deserves...i am sure!)... and she told me called a man to make a revision, and the traditional corruption appeared there.... the man offered her a zero consumption hidden relay....he remove one ceramic plate...made a hole...install an enormous noise "CLAPT" industrial relay and one outlet socket, beeing shorted using a small plug, made the consumption meter stop to run.... i dislike that practice, very common and stupid, as differences of town consumption and real central consumption measurements are of course paid...the real consumption finished beeing divided by all corrupts... foolish those things...we will pay always...they will never loose a single watt...well she did that and we insist that she remove...she made that after 3 monthes of discussions...not so hard discussions..i cannot discuss hard with beautifull woman...my voice will tuning week, week...week...and i normally run form the discussion with beautifull womans...they always win!

But i am afraid of some connection made there!.... in brazil people do not use to melt solder over junctions...are made with some mechanicall tool...some king of wire wrapping...and insulation high voltage and fusion rubber is applied over...the rubber melt and turns a single capsule covering the junction avoiding air and oxide.

The possibility of polarity changed is big...will check that.... termal problems will be verified, and also the presence of noises.... our mains is 220 and 60 hertz...a very good service.... do not fluctuate more than 5 percent...very stable and the electrical instalation is heavy gauge to avoid resistance...cooper wiring five milimeters diameter outside appartment and 3 milimeters diameter inside apartament, after the automatic thermal break in fuses


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Related tape recorder adjustments and Radio Frequency transmitters repairs and alignment, i used to talk to a tape recorder and to discuss with myself... i was very alone.


additional note on 3 phases sytem:

I you have a power distribution in 3 phases Y connected with 4 wires a break in the neutral wire will leave the system unbalanced and from this point volage will rise or fall on a particular load when other load at any point of the system is changed.

If you have single phase distribution ( north américan 120 volts-240 volts system ) a break in the neutral wire will have the same effect

In both cases the sytem will work on a principle similar to a voltage divider instead of keeping a load in parallel with a power source of constant voltage.
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The voltage system here is the same as United States, having places with 220 and other with 110 Volts... 2 wires are used...the third is ground made with copper bars deeply inside the ground and with all bars connected one each other.... there are two, one only for atmosferic discharges...other is connected to equipments that need to be grounded.

No, we have not bivolt.... one single return and 120 and 240... the third wire...when used.... is to grounding purposes.

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Thank you...the informs you and others, kindly wrote here, will be very usefull, so, in a matter of 48 hours i will have solution for this problem,,, and two rooms only with that problem....and electronic lamps...i think may be inverted polarity.



Hi Carlos

I have had this problem in an old house.
Bulbs died soon and sometime fuses burned.
The problem was in loose wiring and wire that has become hot because of loose wiring. This may be in the fixture itself on a switch or in the electrical box.

If the wire has been hot, (burned insulation or insulation that has been hot) you must replace the bad segment.
An electrician told me that years ago but i have only screwed all wires. Problem was still there!
I have replaced wire segments that have become hot and problem dissapeared.

You may try that after having checked voltage on two phases.

I am not shure at this day that i have understand why wire do that.

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I will use all the informs you gave me, and i thank you very much for the aid you gave me....now i have many tools to research and to fix fast and easy the problem...this is great...have all this knowledge as reference.
I will go to fix in a matter of 3 hours...i will return results for you all..thanks!


No more problems!...thanks to my forum friends.

This forum is wonderfull!... service took 50 minutes and cost was 45 dollares.

I have to thank all the friends that came to this thread to help me.

Very good help you all gave me, and i made use of your informations

The main wire, that bring the electricity to the thermal break in fuses,

Was find too much hot, conection was bad, and some rust and resistance

Was appearing there.... wire was substituted from that place to the street

Consumption meters./

One room had the wires inverted, so, electronics lamps did not worked fine

And many was there, burned to my examination (9 lamps)

The main room had bad connections to the lamp socket.

All those things were fixed and the 9 lamps lost, as consequence of those

Defects were paid, in cash, immediatelly.

I thank you all for the help gave to me...problem found solution, and the forum

Produced one more real utility for us... the help i received was the one i used


I thank you all, without any exception, the ones that wrote here, and the ones that

Had interest, but unfortunatelly, couldn’t help me...the ones that visited and had

The atention to read my ask for help.

As the problem do not exist anymore, ... depending on me...the thread can go to

Archive... as it will naturally after you all read my thanks.

Thank you

Carlos Eugênio
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