Electronic components in Sweden?

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To all swedes on this forum (and others who happen to have
a good answer),

Do you know any good alternatives to Elfa in Sweden? I know
about BHIAB, and JEC for japanese semiconductors,
but are there any others I have missed that are
worth considering? By that I mean that they either have
components that Elfa doesn't have or that they are considerably
cheaper. There used to be quite many a long time ago, but it
seems most of them are gone now.

I also know that Farnell and RS officially sell in Sweden, but I
got the impression that RS only sell to companies, is that

Thanks for your suggestions. Bejoken and trimlog seem
interesting, the other two didn't
have much, I think. I knew about Bejoken, but thought they
were only representing some manufacturers in Sweden, not
really selling to end customers. They have som odd things,
though, like 0.1% resistors at reasonable prices.
For the german ones, Conrad seemed quite expensive, but
reichelt are very interesting. I have seen their site before,
but do you know anything about shipping costs to Sweden?

What is JEC?

They seem to be specialised in selling japanese transistors and
ICs, but they are even more expensive than Elfa. Seems OK
still if you are looking for small quantities of hard-to-get things.

See www.jec.se but beware that the search function is very
confusing. You must insert a blank in the part number. For
instance, you must write 2SB649 as 2SB 649, or else you won't
find it.


Yes, RC seem to have prices similar to Elfa and Farnell is even
more expensive. They do have certain interesting things, though,
like many opamps that are "missing" at Elfa.

I haven't yet tried ordering from either of them, and there is
nothing clearly stated on their webpages (as far as I have seen)
about whether they sell only to companies or not.

From discussions over on AudioAsylum I have inferred that
people do succed in buying from Farnell, but that RS have
recently changed their policy and nowadays only sell to
companies. Since these companies sell in many different countries,
perhaps their policy can differ from country to country?
Anybody who has experience of supplier except for ELFA?

I have an advantage being a pro because it's much easier to get part for free so I haven't got any real problems here.

I had problems before with my DAC project. I couldn't get less than a stick with DAC CS4328 (= 13 x 40 USD!). Eventually I got 3 DAC's. Ericsson (Eurodis) aren't that fun either not even for a professional. Last time I wanted a special kind of IC from LT. Samples were impossible and they wouldn't do anything unless they got an order for 348 parts, 20 sticks! The IC price was 5-7 USD!
Farnell only sells to companys but RS deals with Private persons aswell... i my opinion they are both cheaper than Elfa and is much quicker and lover shiping costs.. but i guess it depends on what you order if their prices is lower or higher..

hifi said:
Farnell only sells to companys but RS deals with Private persons aswell

Quite the opposite of what I have heard, then. I presume you
have tried and succeded in buying from RS withouth having
a company? That is good news then, since RS seems the more
interesting of the two.

Do you just ignore filling in a company name and then they
deliver as expeced?

BTW, shippings cost from Elfa is a non-issue in my case, since
they have a shop where I live. Should be the same for you
since they have one in Gothenburg too.
hifi said:
Yes i have ordered from RS both as a company and as a private person they will ask for your "personnr" i guess they want to do a credit check to see that you have not unpayed depts...they send on a 30day "faktura" basis..


Sounds great, since RS has a lot of interesting opamps and
other things that Elfa doesn't have (and vice versa, of course).
Svebry don't have very much in components, I think.

As for transformers, if you don't require a toroid, Svebry
have kits for EI- transformers, where the primary is
already wound. It is a bit cheaper and you can get the
voltage you want. I don't remember for certain, but I
think they come in ratings up to 300 or 400 VA at least.
FYI regarding Farnell:

In Denmark private persons can absolutely buy stuff from Farnell. The thing is, that if you buy stuff for less than DKK 1000.- then they will charge you an extra DKK 500.- But if you buy for more than DKK 1000.- you pay the catalogue price and a small shipping and handling fee around DKK 50.-

So I will suggest that you call Farnell and ask them directly.
Magura said:
This shop is the absolute cheapest. In 99 percent of the cases They are much cheaper than Farnell and for sure cheaper than RS.


Yes...I know their homepage stinks, but the company is great to deal with.


They don't have a single price on the web page, so it's not easy to compare prices. The shipping from Denmark to Sweden or Norway would also cost, pluss in Norway we would have to pay 24% tax, so my guess is it would't be cheaper for me :(
Well, the question was from the sweedes...I know that its too expensive if youre outside the EU. Within the EU even shipping charges are lower by a magnitude.

A price example would be IRFP240 from IR. I just bought 10. I paid 16.98DKK a piece.....RS and Farnell will charge you approximately 3 times as much...even for a higher quantity.

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