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I've personally always had the best luck (on paper) with 2nd order parallel. That's not a dig at Dave's work, I heard his work and am on record saying I was blown away

Getting 1st order series to work requires a whole lot of work on box and driver choice before you get to the XO. With the MTM i actually started with a parallel network, but got nowhere.

Ya, we've discussed the problems with box tuning screwing up XOers down low. That's what you mean by box and driver choice I assume.

satx is probably running into the problem of dealing with Fb. That's where second order helps deal with that. And it's 180d instead of 90d of phase. But if he used a box that can flatten impedance, he'd probably have much better luck.
Yeah, definitely better luck with second order parallel right now. I haven't bought the drivers for this yet or I would just wire them up a couple different ways and find out. I just trying to figure out what might work on paper first

I didn't consider that the box could be causing this; makes sense though. Where the full range transfer function gets crazy is right around FB. I also thought about trying the 10:1 TL to flatten phase when I get the drivers, but I don't know how to model that to bring into PCD. Right now the full range is modeled as sealed.

Sorry to highjack the thread here, but you guys have been most accommodating, thanks.



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2021-02-22 4:04 pm
Newbie here so greetings to you all.

Resurrecting this old thread as I'm trying to track down a CSS EL-166 driver [or better two] so I can repair my 'Edingdale Mk.1' speakers.

Does anyone have one on a dusty shelf that they can spare, please?

Thanks in advance,