Ebay bluetooth modules


2011-10-13 8:52 pm

Long time no post. I'm thinking about adding bluetooth capability to my headphones. I'm fairly well versed in electronics, so I'll spare you technical questions. I've searched the forums and noticed many seem to be using bluetooth modules from ebay, so..

What are peoples experiences with these? Specifically the blue ones that apparently have the CSR8645. I'm hoping for a module that has apt-x capability, and apparently there is an open source SPI programmer design to modify the settings for the module.

I decided to post and ask for actual experience because, well, as we all know, chinese modules off ebay can be a mixed bag, so I just wanted to know if someone had actually got a project working with them, and if hey sounded OK (as in, did they use apt-x?). I am hesitant to take the plunge if there are reliability problems or if they are in fact mislabeled as using apt-x when they don't.

Any reviews or recommended sellers would be appreicated! Just trying to avoid ordering something only for it to go in my bits box..