Easy way to listen to power amp via headphones

There are two ways:

1. Simplest---2490 Ohm resistor in series with tip and
a second 2490 Ohm resistor in series with ring.
common ground to sleeve.

2. Better --- many folks cite the benefits of driving the headphones with a low impedance. Assuming a 50 Watt Amp (8 Ohms), then a voltage divider of 330 ohms feeding 4.7 Ohms is a pretty good compromise. It gives about a 4.7 Ohm output impedance, resulting in a damping factor of 6x with 32 Ohm phones.
If we assume 98 dB SPL at 1 mW with 32 Ohm phones, the 50 Watt amp would put an SPL into the phones of 100 dB SPL (jackhammer at 1 meter).

If your phones aren't quite so sensitive, you might have to drop the 330 Ohm resistor a bit...you just have to watch it, as even the 330 Ohm resistor dissipates 1.2 Watts with 50 Watts (20 Volts RMS) out of the amp.


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330 Ohms, 2 Watts is fine for the 80W Class A amplifier.

Now, in a 500W amp, Class A or otherwise, you'll need a 15W one.

Why would anybody use headphones to listen to a 500W Class D amp is beyond me , though.:confused:
Or burn 400W dissipation, also to listen through headphones, same thing. :confused:

*Maybe*there's some reason none of them have headphone out .
Another thing should be considered. The impedance of the headphone is not constant. It will change as frequency changes. If you just put a 330 in series to headphone, the frequency response might not be flat any more.
Head phone will be more like current driven if you put enough resistor to it. You will get different sound.