Easy way to fry Rotel RCD855 - help needed

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While doing nonos mod (done that before, successfully), becouse I can't count more then 10 pins rightly, I conected pin 23 from SAA7220 to pin 12 insted of pin 11 of SAA7210 :xeye: to restore mute funcion. All I got after "mod" is error message at dispay, really hot SAA7210/7220 and TDA1541A, dics doesn't spin, lader is working though:D, voltages for Philips chipset seems to be OK.

Any hint how to fix it, thank you?
Yes, you are probably right about that, my guess is that I also burned a Motorola DSP procesor and/or servo controler and who knows what... Is there a kind soul willing to donate/sale Motorola chip from old Philips/Marantz players with designation:

L1 5B13A9009
Rotel Manual

Hi Aparatusonitus,

Yes, I too am having some trouble with this unit and could use some service informaion.

I noticed by your post that you may be able to provide this for others, and I would kindly ask if you could share this information with me.

What I have is a "Cary Audio Design" CD player that uses the complete circuit and transport from the Rotel, with an added tube output final ( Modification from Cary)

I am having trouble locating the service data, and could use some help.

I am a service technician who is repairing this for a dear friend.

As I am unable to email you at this time, could you consider sending me this information by email?

I would be very greatful!! my address is inttech1@telus.net

Thank you
Re: Rotel Manual

inttech1 said:
I noticed that aparatusonitus has a manual for the RCD855 Sadly as I am a new member, I am unable to contact him as I am under review...

I hope he should see this post...I really could use the help!

Hi Guys I have the same problem (under review)

I have two of these players One modded the other standard

I would like to seperate the two DACS use one for transport and one for DAC or perhaps even two DACS in same machine for doing AB comparison of mods.

But alas need schematic to carry out surgery!

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.