Easy Components

What is the easiest way to make component kick panels? I have a 2001 Grand Prix, and don't want to pay installers 200 to make custom ones for me, because I am a broke college student, and I dont' like Q-forms.

Is it possible to easily make some custom kick panels that will look decent? I am going for SQ not show-off-iness
The easiest way depends on you. If you have access to a decent shop and lots of time, the simplest way is to cut a piece of MDF to the proper (very odd) shape. This is likely to involve lots of dust in your car as you shape the back to fit the car's contours. Heck, just silicon the piece in and don't worry about the backside matching the car exactly.

But really, for the amount of work involved in doing proper kick panels that $200 isn't so much. For shoddy work it's a lot. For a really nice job it's a steal.

Fiberglass work is pretty easy when you take it step by step. If you get some Googling time in, you should be able to find instructions how to do your own custom glass kickpanels. Don't be intimidated just b/c you have never done it before, just find and follow the directions.

but if you do go with fiberglass, wear a respirator and gloves at a minimum. That stuff is truly nasty before it's done.
I second what Stocker said. I learned to make speaker pods from just reading websites. I was on a team that made a human powered sub using carbon fiber and fiberglass for the hull, and I can definately speak for the need for a respirator, I read all the MSDS info for the different epoxies we used, and all of them were highly toxic.