dynamic range: sublime to rediculous


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2014-03-01 11:53 pm
A couple of purchases recently have ended up at both ends of the dynamics spectrum so thought worth sharing .

First up the 7 CD Gorecki restrospective on Nonesuch Górecki: A Nonesuch Retrospective (7-CD Set) | Nonesuch Records - MP3 Downloads, Free Streaming Music, Lyrics This has the highest DR numbers I have ever seen on the Foobar DR plugin. Some of the choral works are unlistenable on the kitchen system as ambient noise levels are just too high, but sound sublime on the main system. Much of some of these works is 40dB down on the peaks.

Next up is the supersonic blues machine and their first album Supersonic Blues Machine Great music (at least to my tastes) but compressed to death with average DR of 6 and serious visible clipping on some tracks. This is now my preferred amplifier test track as close to a worst case test signal. Why the producer felt the need to mix at live levels of compression is beyond me, but hey ho, still like the tunes.