DVD Players with VGA Output!

I just discovered some DVD players have VGA outputs! This could be a great feature, potentially, for us DIY projectionists.

Does anyone know anything about this feature? I am unable to find any information about it online, just that some DVD spec charts say "VGA Output," and in some pictures of the backs of these units there is indeed a VGA out.

Interestingly, the ones I've found are usually "off" brands or at least less common brands. Possibly even international or region free players as well? I've got some questions about this feature hopefully someone will be able to answer... yes, no, maybe all OK, explainations even better!

1. Is it standard VGA? Can you plug the DVD straight into a VGA monitor (or LCD Panel) and expect it to work?

2. What resolution would it most likely output? Or would that be selectable somewhere in the player's menu system?

3. Do these players essentially have a built-in line doubler? (Eliminating the need to buy another piece of equipment.)

4. Does this feature support progressive scan if the player does? Will you get de-interlaced frames straight to your panel from the VGA output?

5. Will this feature eliminate Macrovision?

6. And finally.... WHAT'S THE DEAL HERE?

Here are just a few players I've found that seem to have the VGA-out feature, on Ebay and otherwise...

Skyworth DVD1050P
Skyworth DVD1050D
Malata DVD-3600
Malata DVD-520
Daewoo DVG-9000N
Terch RJ-3600
Sampo SAM681