duncan psu simulation vox ac30cc


2005-10-27 3:45 pm
Ok i measured the values of the psu-parts from my ac30 guitar- amp and started a simulation.
If i use a 6k resistive load, i come close to what the manual states about the output-voltage.

If i use an aproximation of the expected current drawn (200mA), i don't come close. (3x 12ax7 and 4x El84)

primary; 230V, 50Hz 26Ohm
secundary 295V, 110Ohm
GZ34 Tube rectifier
C1; 22uF or 44uF (switchable)
Choke: 15H, 435Ohm
C2; 22uF or 44uF (switchable together with C1).

According to the manual, The voltage over C2 must be aprox. 320V

I want to increase C2 as it looks better in the simulation, but i am puzzeled by the above mentioned difference.