Dumb sub Question. Smart Answer??


2001-12-11 8:49 am
I currently have an adire audio tempest in a sealed reference design from thier website. I will be picking up another tempest shortly, and i plan on putting both subs into one ported box. I have my whole home theater setup in my room, and i really dont have the space for something that big....except under my bed. I am planning on placing my bed up on a few cinderblocks to raise it approx 15inches or so off the ground. I am wondering if the shape of a box makes any difference on the sound. I know that ported boxes have to be designed very specifically, and that there is a possibility of standing waves if my box happens to be a specific length. If anyone could help me out here i would appreciate it. I have too much time, and not enough knowledge :)

As long as airflow isn't restricted through the port due to any awkward bracing, and both drivers arent on the same baffle, there should be no problem. Heck, there are plenty of closet and coffee table subs out there already, why not just stick one under the bed? I dont think you'll have a problem with standing waves at the frequencies those drivers will be looking at.
With it being under your bed it seems to me that you could build a shallow long box, have your driver downfiring and use passive radiators on the top and get close to the same performance. You won't get any lower with 2 than 1 and the PRs ought to make your bed feel like your feeding it quarters. Then again if you have the sub firing up and have the PRs a few inches off the floor and close to the wall you will get a few db out of that. I have speakers that use PRs and they need 4" or more from the wall to boost the bass responce.