Dumb DC voltage question

I'm 95% certain on this but, for DACs that use a wallwart to supply DC, you can buy one anywhere in the world and then simply buy a wallwart appropriate to your country's voltage, correct? In other words, I'm in America and I'm looking at a DAC sold in England. All I need is to buy an American wallwart at the same voltage and current and all is good, correct?
Well, maybe. Cheap wallwarts can be very noisy, have poor regulation, and even be dangerous.

For a DAC from a reputable manufacturer it ought to come with a safe and appropriate power supply. Most power supplies these days are actually multi-voltage, but wallwarts are bound to a particular plug style. An inline supply with a separate plug-in mains cable is the
most flexible design (laptop supplies are like this).

Plug adaptors can be used if the supply is rated for the voltage, but then you have a wart-on-a-wart which gets pretty unwieldy.