Dual Toroid outputs...


2001-07-30 1:35 am
OK, my new 300VA toroidal transformer had dual outputs, i plan to use this for a stereo amp. I plan on using two seperate power supplies (rectifiers/capacitors and such), one per channel. Will i get better channel separation if i give each rectifier its own output lead, or should i wire the transformer's outputs in parallel and have each rectifier feed off of the one line? is this like haveing two transformers?
Some pieces of the puzzle are missing yet.
Is each secondary equipped with a center tap? You may need to use both windings together in order to achieve positive and negative rails.
Is each winding of sufficient voltage to run the circuit? They may need to be run in series in order to get enough voltage.

The big advantage of using separate windings (or separate
transformers) for two channels of a stereo amplifier is that
it allows you to isolate the ground connections of the

A rational system has the chassis ground connected to signal
ground only at one point (preferably in the preamp) and the
signal grounds completely independent throughout the rest of
the signal path. This should really reduce the chances of
hum loops and noise pickup.

Of course most systems don't do this - CD players in
particular tend to common the grounds of the two channels -
which means that you really have to switch signal grounds as
well as the signal itself at the source selector in the
preamplifier. However, if you're building the system
yourself at least you have a chance to do the job properly!