Dual input T-style amp


2013-04-07 1:21 pm
Hi All.

Im looking at the
MUSE i25W TA2021 T-Amp Mini Stereo Amplifier 25WX2 and the
NEW Indeed TA2021 Class T Tripath Digital Amp 25WX2 Stereo Amplifier + 12V5A PSU bouth found on ebay by those names.

Problem is that I want two inputs and input sensing auto on/off. (like I think the Muse has got on it's one input) And auto input switching or both open at the same time. The thin is that it will be installed at a remote location! :)
Anyone know of a product like that, but with the sound quality of the Indeed?

One solution would be to use two amps, for one set of speakers! But I'm not sure the idle amp would survive the high level input on it's output!?

You thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks Kasper