Dual HL10c / dual CSS APR12 / Hypex PSC 2.400

Dual HL10c / dual CSS APR12 / Hypex PSC 2.400 build

Kindof a weird collection of parts, driven by having some HL10c's laying around. My dad inhereted a bunch of home theater equipment (yamaha reciever, PSB speakers, projector, etc), and needed a sub for a home theater he's currently building. So I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to use the HL10c's up and help out dad at the same time.

I looked at several designs but found PR to fit box size / extension / simplicity goals. Of course extracting every last ounce out of the HL10s motors would be tapped horns but I couldnt get it down to a reasonable size for where this thing had to go. 6th order bandpass was interesting but the 1-2db or so advantage wasnt worth the complexity, plus the cabinet had to grow to accomodate ports.

Box is not too nice to look at, driver arrangement dictated purely by function. It's mirrored opposing drivers and PRs to help cancel vibrations, which in a relatively small and light box like this seemed necessary. Then my dad wanted it to look "tough" so.... truck bed liner and some prosound handles I had lying around I guess! It's 25.5"w x 18"h x 14"d. 3/4" plywood I had on hand and pretty much what you see is what you get (along with appropriate internal bracing). There are also some rubber feet on the bottom.

Amplifier was an interesting choice. I went with Hypex due to the on board DSP... mainly driven by the fact I wanted a steeper higher HPF than what seemed available on many normal offerings. It has two 400w @ 4ohm amplifiers on board however the power supply is limited to 400w both channels driven... plenty for my application anyway. Simulations shown at 500w which is what I thought it was but I'm probably not missing too much with 100 less watts... maybe can move the HPF a little lower. The fun is in the flexibility of the hypex programming and the externally adjustable APR12s... I can change the sound of this thing to anything I want in minutes!!!

I've got some builders pride here but to me it sounds great! Cabinet has almost no vibration when playing 30hz sine waves just below clipping! Nice defined deep bass for music... I was worried about high predicted group delay but it doesnt seem to come through on most normal material (it's below 1/frequency in ms). For movies I haven't really tested it too much, just some youtube clips which I know is hardly reference material however it seems to do excellent there. Definitley enough to shake the entire house.

Suppliers for this project were Madisound (Hypex) and CSS (APR12's), both of which were very smooth good straight forward transactions.

Anyway enough blabbing on to the pictures!